About Yellow Button

Joel Davis

Yellow Button = Joel Davis

My name is Joel Davis. Yellow Button is the name of my business. Maybe someday Yellow Button will have a big building with many employees, but probably not. For now, it's just me. Yellow Button has been in business since 2004 and I have more than 12 years of website building experience. I am located in the Seattle area, Washington, U.S.A.

I like to build things

I like to put things together to make them into something useful. When I'm working, I build websites. When I'm not working, I remodel my house. I value good construction. When the French doors on my house weren't latching properly, I took them out and re-poured the threshold to make them level and square. I take the same approach when building a website. Things should be well built from the ground up.

I like to use tools and I like to make tools

Especially tools that are well designed and effective. A good tool goes a long way toward making life easier and more fun. I never forget that the things I design are meant to be used, and the people who use them usually don't care what makes them work.

I like things to look nice

A web site doesn't have to be beautiful, but it shouldn't be ugly. And beautiful doesn't hurt.

I like helping people

I'm a fluent Tech-to-English translator and the geek-on-call for my clients, family, and friends. They come to me because they think I know the answer. I often do. Mostly, I just know where to go to find the answer. They come to me because I listen. Website development is a collaborative process. I am able to hear both the technical specifications and the real world goals behind a client's request.

Maybe I can help you. To find out, click the “Contact” button. Go ahead... Click.